Water Heating Boilers

Hot water produced in the water heating boilers is used to heat lodgings, premises and to satisfy technological demands. They van be made of cast iron or steel.

Water heating boilers are characterized by thermal output, initial and final temperature. Cast iron boilers of different types are produced of little output, water is heated to 115° Celsius. They are used in the heating systems of individual houses. Steel boilers for water heating are used, if more heat is necessary.

These ones of large output are installed in the district boiler houses supplying heat to large living districts. Water heating boilers of more than 35 MW power are installed also in power stations. Thermal output of the steel water heating boilers is 4,6…209 MW, water is heated from initial 70° Celsius to 200° Celsius. In the boilers of larger output water can be warmed to 200° Celsius. Maximum water pressure is to 2,5 MPa.

Boilers of KV type are used adopted to burn gas, mazut and solid fuel. Boiler KV-GM-10 of output 11,6 MW and heated by mazut or gas consists of furnace and convection shaft, all their surfaces are covered with compactly laied out pipes. Upper and lower parts of the tubes are joined to the headers. Light masonry of the boiler is fixed to the same pipes. Burner for combined mazut and gas burning is installed in front wall of the furnace.