Requirements for a boiler house

The main requirements for a boiler house are:

  1. Labour protection, that service staff would not suffer trauma.
  2. Operation reliability, that a boiler house would be capable of running for a long time without accidents and forced shutdowns.
  3. Operation economy, that steam of necessary parameters would be made using the least amount of fuel. Boiler economy is characterized best by its efficiency coefficient.

A boiler house should be well designed, its equipment must be produced of materials of necessary quality, well mounted and correctly maintained in order to satisfy these requirements. A boiler house is designed according to the construction standards and regulations. Enlargement possibility is provided constantly, so one wall of the boiler house is reserved. The main equipment of the boiler house is steam boilers, therefore the hole operation first of all depends on their correct installation and maintenance. Elements of the boiler must withstand great mechanical loads due to the internal pressure. Resistance of the steel reduces at a high temperature and thermal strains occur in it due to uneven heating of the boiler elements. Besides, water and steam effect the metal chemically. Boiler can explode due to the mentioned reasons.

The Public service of technics supervision and State power energetics supervision inspectorate control the keeping of the regulations of the boiler and other pressure equipment installation and maintenance. Their issued regulations are compulsory for all ministries, departments and private owners. The requirements for the boiler construction, used materials, resistance, their production, installation and maintenance are presented in the corresponding standards and regulations. These also state the requirements for the boiler space: it should be fireproof, hove not less than to exits between boilers and between them and walls certain distances should be reserved for comfortable maintenance of the boiler, staircase landings must be installed, illumination of the boiler house must meet the requirements of standards.

The staff of the boiler service should be prepared according to special theoretical and practical program, pass examinations and have a certificate allowing to maintain the boilers of corresponding type.