Sorts of Boiler Houses

A boiler house consists of the complex of equipment applied to produce steam or hot water. Steam is used in the power engines, technology. Steam and hot water heat industrial premises and lodgings, both ones are used in private life.

Boiler houses are divided into:

  1. Power, supplying turbines of the power stations with produced steam.
  2. Industrial-heating, producing steam and providing technology, equipment of heating and ventilation with hot water.
  3. Heating, furnishing industrial and domestic premises with steam and hot water.
  4. Mixed, supplying power engines, steam and hot water technology, equipment of heating and ventilation with produced steam.

Power boiler houses produce high pressure and temperature superheated steam (to 25 MPa and 560° Celsius), industrial and heating – saturated or little superheated steam (to 4 MPa and 450° Celsius) and hot (till 200° Celsius) water.

The main installation of a boiler house is a boiler, manufacturing steam or hot water. According to the form of a produced coolant in a boiler house steam and water heating boilers can be installed. Basic and auxiliary elements of the steam (water heating) boilers, usually, are united by common framework and casings. The main elements are: furnace, heating surfaces of the boiler itself, air heater, smoke ducts. In addition, steam superheater and water heater (economizer) are installed in the steam boilers.

In boiler houses solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, high temperature combustion products (smoke) thrown out of industrial furnaces or other equipment are used as heat sources. Also, in a boiler house there is machinery, attending to the boilers, supplying furnace and water-boiler with fuel and air. Combustion products and waste (soot and slag) are removed out of the furnace. Equipment for fuel keeping, providing a boiler, water treatment are indispensable in a boiler house.